Happy 21st!

Today (March 14th) we are celebrating our 21st birthday and are extremely proud to share this with you all.  From a humble start trading from a spare bedroom to a 9,000sq ft fully equipped office, our journey has been nothing short of awesome… and we still feel its just the beginning.

From bedroom to boardroom

Moving from rented offices to our own premises in 2007 turned out to be a great decision; it has enabled us to grow at our own speed and  adapt to many changes along the way.  Large refurbishment costs meant a lot of investment which at the time seemed daunting; especially given the financial crisis of 2007 / 2008 was about to hit.  Oak House has turned out a great asset; a welcoming place for our Customers, for our Staff and a place more than adequate for our general operations. Having our own premises has anchored Clarion in Manchester.  It has accommodated both our organic growth and our expansion plans with little restrictions.  And there is still space for more…

From one Client to Hundreds

Reaching out to corporate clients and concentrating on customer service from the early days was our strategy.  Working with professional businesses has certainly played a big part in shaping us as a company.  Security is a sensitive area so growing the client base was slow and steady at the start.  Determination from a dedicated team and a lot of hard work delivering an excellent service have been key to building the company we are today.  Our reputation has attracted many new Clients over the years, mainly thanks to recommendations.  Best advertising we could ask for!

From paper to PDAs

Investing in software and infrastructure has also been a successful financial decision;  technology has enabled quicker response, smoother communication with our Clients and Suppliers.  Various audit trails and measures required to be a Quality organisation are automatically reportable. Continually investing in better tools to do the job, be it PCs, PDAs, software or fleet etc, enables us to enhance our service delivery even further.  And we have a lot more coming…

From 2 engineers to 2 engineering departments

Our engineers at the core of everything we do. Given the increasing shortage of skilled labour in the UK, Clarion decided n 2014 to focus more  energy in apprentices.  Creating more job opportunities year on year, this was another great success,  something that we are really benefiting from now.  So much so that in early 2016, we invested in refurbishing an unused part of the office and create a purpose built training academy.  This new Academy provides a great environment to bolster the apprentices knowledge and to enhance that of our more experienced engineers.

And for the future?

To continue to improve everything we do to provide the very best service available to our customers 365 days a year.

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