New Code of practice NCP 109 for access control systems

This new code of practice is to be implemented by 1st September 2013; however it can be used straight away as it overlaps with the current NCP 30.

The main changes are

1 – the method of identifying an individual to an access control system is now called a “credential”.  Credentials are something you know (a code number), something you hold (a token) or something you are (biometric)

2 – the classification of access points has gone down from 5 to 4 classes, which are security related: class 1 (low risk), class 2 (low to medium risk), class 3 (medium to high risk) and class 4 (high risk).

Clarion is already working to NCP 109 and will deliver a properly designed access control systems, allowing for integration with other security systems to enhance the protection of employees, buildings and assets.

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