New Year – new security?

With 2016 now in full swing, it is the perfect time to start thinking about your electronic security solutions and whether they are still serving you well. Are your CCTV images blocky, choppy and pixelated? Are people gaining access to your premises easier than they should be? Do you really know exactly who is on your premises and where they are at any given time?

With security threats constantly on the rise, it’s time to start assessing the quality of your electronic security solutions. Our integrated systems work seamlessly together creating a secure organisation for employees, students and visitors at any given time.

We’ve compiled our key benefits of each of our solutions to show how easily these systems can improve your security overall.

CCTV – Prevention is better than the cure
– Easily upgrade your dated analogue system to HD
– Use existing cabling to upgrade to HD saving on costs
– Retain your current cameras and upgrade to the latest video management system (recording platform)
– Expand your IP system by adding new HD IP or even UHD (ultra high definition) cameras
– Remove static guards and replace with a remotely monitored CCTV system saving on £££
– Say goodbye to choppy, pixelated images and hello to crisp clear images
– Option to have 30 days or more CCTV image storage time unlike older, analogue systems
– Zoom into CCTV images without losing image clarity

Access Control – Control and limit access to any area in your organisation
– Fully traceable audit trail with sophisticated reporting tools to assist with attendance and punctuality
– Departmental grouping and control within selected areas, with full control over access rights of each employee
– Ability to integrate with other security systems for centralised management of single or multiple sites
– Wide range of security tokens available from ID cards, fobs, smart cards and biometric technology

Intruder Alarms – Meet the needs of your insurers whilst deterring would be criminals
– No dedicated phone line required, making the solution significantly cheaper than competitors
– Save money though using existing broadband for alarm signalling
– Mobile app available to monitor and manage intruder alarm remotely
– Intelligent anti masking available to avoid sensors being covered and vandalised
– Greater security with most secure and reliable signalling available
– Easy to deploy, cost effective to manage
– Reduction in insurance costs

Intercom – Go IP and never miss a call again
– Comprehensive range of entry panels available for internal, external & vandal resistant applications
– Scalable and futureproof solutions
– Activity call logging and call divert features available with voicemail
– High quality audio communication and HD video capability
– Choice of video, audio or both as part of the system

Visitor Management – Know exactly who is on your site at any given time
– Quick and easy visitor management with self-service sign in/out
– Automatically informs the host of visitor arrival by pop up, email or telephone call
– Enables customisable ID badges to be printed incorporating visitor & host names, photo, expiry date and time etc
– Provides live roll call reporting for fire / building evacuation purposes
– Can integrate with Access Control & CCTV systems.

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