Next stop for 2015… UHD CCTV Systems

For those who keep up with the developing CCTV market trends, then there is no doubt that you will have heard the buzz surrounding UHD (Ultra High Definition) and 4k Cameras. But fear not if you are not yet in the UHD know… all is explained below.

What is UHD?

4K or the industry buzz word UHD (Ultra High Definition) CCTV cameras provides four times the resolution as a 1920 x 1080 pixel HD CCTV camera. UHD CCTV cameras offer a video resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and above. When you compare this to traditional CCTV with a resolution of 704 x 480 (or less) you can clearly see the benefits and changes with a 4K option.

UHD CCTV cameras are ideal for overlooking large areas and are perfect for monitoring public spaces, car parking and warehousing and is able to capture the finest of details in scenes due to high quality zoom available. The digital zoom makes it ideal for identifying intruders, vehicle number plates, stock numbers on a box and even post event analysis such as a stadia event

4k UHD CCTV cameras are prefect for catching fast moving objects as they now offer a frame rate of up to 25 per second, so you’ll be confident in ensuring images are captured to the highest standard.

So what are the benefits of UHD CCTV Systems?

  • FOUR times the amount of detail and clarity when compared to standard HD CCTV
  • High frame rates (up to 25 per second, camera dependent)
  • High detailed digital zoom for in-depth analysis

How far are HD CCTV systems away from UHD?

Well… it’s already here!

We expect substantial growth in the CCTV market for UHD CCTV systems in 2015. Image quality is everything when it comes down to CCTV and with the benefits that UHD CCTV cameras can offer, we’re sure it’ll make a significant difference to the industry this year.

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