Report from Lancaster University Management School

Back in January 12, Clarion presented its bid for an advanced marketing project to Lancaster University and was selected by the Programme Director as a suitable SME case.  A group of seven students dedicated their time and efforts to looking at Clarion’s customer profiles, growth sectors and Clarion’s offering.  Their final report was presented last week and included a large number of positive findings.

The project team found that “service satisfaction was high; this can be attributed to the inventory of Clarions spare stock. One current customer commented: “Clarion more than meet our needs in terms of Service Delivery, Flexibility, Commitment and Expertise.”  The report goes on with ” Clarion’s driving force is the employees themselves, who have technical backgrounds and have excellent knowledge of the security industry. This means that when they are fulfilling the needs of customers and appealing to security specialists and IT managers who buy security.”

Statistically, Clarion reached very high scores in the areas tested (scores out of 10):

  • Price- 8.4
  • Latest technology- 8.1
  • Quality of products- 9.3
  • Easy of purchase/installation- 8.6
  • After sale service- 9.6

Clarion would like to thank the Customers who took the time to complete the on-line survey and to the University and its students for the time and efforts that have clearly been put into the project.

The report was very encouraging and has demonstrated that Clarion’s competitive advantage is a combination of technical knowledge and a passion for quality.

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