Using your smartphone to monitor CCTV

So, it’s a given, we now depend on our smartphones much more than we would like to admit in our daily routine. From checking social media, to quickly responding to emails to video conferencing on the other side of the world – the list really is endless.

Over the past few years, organisations have been under pressure to create apps to make our lives easier and streamline work processes, in order to meet consumer demands. It won’t be a shock to you that there are now a plethora of apps available for you to remotely monitor your CCTV systems, dependant on the system installed.

So what are the benefits of using a smartphone CCTV app on your a smartphone, tablet or laptop to remotely view and monitor your system from any location in the world?

See everything from anywhere

As consumers we like convenience, ease and most importantly we like to be impressed. We can now use a variety of apps or the internet to be able to view our CCTV recordings from anywhere in the world. Whether you want to view live real time footage or playback footage from a previous date, you can do so via an intelligent Smartphone CCTV app or Internet portal. As CCTV providers we want to make the life of a Facilities Manager or Security Manager easier than ever before.

Alarm management at your fingertips

Depending on the system, certain smartphone CCTV applications will allow you to quickly view and respond to alarms that are sent straight to your phone. This allows you to potentially identify and stop security incidents before they escalate in to something much more serious. Some smartphone CCTV applications allow you to quickly view certain cameras associated with certain alarms through an intelligent colour coded system. So depending on the type of alarm sent to your remote device, you can quickly be taken to the potential security threat without having to sift through all cameras.

Superior image detail anywhere

Certain smartphone CCTV apps will enable for the viewing of high-definition video footage from any device with an Internet connection. Some applications can support up to 29 megapixels, even on a lower bandwidth. We think this is pretty impressive for those in the security field and on the move. Image quality is never compromised.

Enjoy these benefits with a 4G connection

With the growth and innovation of the 4G network over the past year, you can now connect your remote device to 4G to be able to experience all of the features mentioned above. No longer do you only have to depend on a WIFI connection to use such applications. Pretty good, eh? CCTV can often be overlooked

Whether you’re constantly on the move or working on the other side of the world, the ability to access CCTV systems through your smartphone puts the power in your hands. Whether you use it to monitor quality or minimise employee theft or to identify and deter potential theft/criminality across multiple sites, remote viewing of CCTV really puts you in the driving seat when it comes to security.

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*Some of the features and benefits mentioned above may depend entirely on the type of system installed.

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