Top 5 reasons your production line needs CCTV

Dependant on the type of production line your organisation runs, there are a plethora of benefits that you could experience from a HD CCTV system installation. Many people still associate CCTV with deterring and capturing crime, but the truth is these days, there are many other benefits that organisations can experience from the right CCTV system.

Reduce machine down-time
One of the biggest concerns and headaches manufacturing plants face is machine downtime and trying to keep down-time to a minimum. Opting to have a HD CCTV system installed above machinery can drastically help to reduce production line down-time. Using intelligent high-definition cameras, the system will monitor each and every mechanical movement of your machinery. This will allow you to identify where a fault has occurred, quickly decide on a fix and get the production line moving again.

Easily replay footage
With the right high quality HD CCTV cameras that capture every detail, you can quickly and easily review CCTV footage which will help you to identify where a fault may have occurred. This will ensure that your maintenance engineers can identify the quickest solution and any changes that may need to be made to get your production line back up and running, which will save greatly on time engineers spend assessing down-time faults and fixing them.

Image quality
The level of image quality that can be generated through IP CCTV cameras will mean that your manufacturing facility will quickly and easily be able to view faults, malfunctions and blips in the production line to reduce down-time further. In many cases it may mean that an engineer need not be called to attend a machinery fault.

Goods in and out
Trust in employees is something we all want to have, but there are times when stock may be down, items maybe going missing, causing you great losses on orders/deliveries. Choosing the right HD CCTV system that closely monitors the movements of goods in and out, with lorries and employees, can largely help eliminate the risk of theft and reduce shrinkage. Should theft occur, you can be confident that the images captured, will be clear enough to be used in an investigation.

Health and safety
CCTV is a must when it comes to monitoring health and safety within your organisation. You will have the features that allow you to use the CCTV system, to identify potential health and safety risks and hazards on or around the production line and throughout the whole of your site. This will help keep your staff as safe as possible and contribute towards minimising health and safety, trips, falls and injuries. Furthermore CCTV could be used for monitoring of staff activity to a level of detail where managers are much more able to intervene early enough to prevent accidents and resulting down-time.

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