Top tips for securing your school for child safety week

This week is Child Safety Week in the UK, so we’ve put together a short blog post that highlights the types of security systems that can help improve safety and security of your pupils in a school and higher education environment.

It’s important to remember that Ofsted guidelines state that all schools should provide a safer environment for children as best practice. Guidelines say that all schools should give high priority to getting their safeguarding procedures right, including securing the perimeter of the school to ensure that it isn’t open for anyone to enter. The below security systems can help contribute to meeting Ofsted guidelines whilst creating a safer and more secure environment for all.

CCTV Systems

CCTV can be deployed across any area of your school, to ensure that students are kept safe at all times. With a HD CCTV system in place in your school or higher education establishment can identify behavioural problems and safeguarding issues around the school, through viewing footage live or re-running CCTV footage when you need it. Easily combat and target bullying issues around the school and create a safer learning environment for all.

Whilst both internal and external CCTV cameras can help deter theft, vandalism and intrusion, it’s also important to remember that CCTV can help prevent you from becoming a target to external threats. A well secured school, with strategically placed CCTV cameras, is less likely to attract would be criminals.

Remote video analytics monitoring with perimeter detection

Dependent on the type of solution you currently have in place or the type of solution you are looking to upgrade to, CCTV systems can be monitored 24/7 by an external monitoring station. Any alarms identified by an intruder crossing over your perimeter detection line will automatically be routed to the screen of a security professional that will assess the situation immediately.

Once the security professional asses the risk to your site they will quickly resort to the public address system on site, in an attempt to deter the intruder. If this does not deter the intruder they will then ring the Police. As the operators are describing live events as they unfold, the police are highly likely to attend and avoid any further risk to your premises and the learning of your students.

Access Control

Do you know who is freely accessing areas of your school or education establishment? The truth is there are many schools, colleges and universities whose understanding of who is potentially accessing their site at all times is limited. This means that students, staff, visitors and assets are all at risk on a daily basis.
With the use of an intelligent access control solution, you can take full control over who has access and when. No Access Control ID card; no entry. It’s as simple as that. With the features available on an Access Control System, you can easily use the software to work alongside your bespoke needs, keeping your students as safe as possible.

With user friendly interfaces and easy to use navigation, Access Control systems allow you to quickly tap into them to view who is on your site and where they have been at any given time. The functionality can provide you with a full audit trail breakdown by area, person or department, allowing you to quickly and easily block ID cards and security tokens, ensuring safety and security is always a priority.

Why not read how we helped take the security of Manchester Academy to the next level and helped create a safer learning environment here.

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