What can an IP CCTV System do for your organisation?

There are many reasons why IP CCTV systems are becoming increasingly popular amongst organisations in the UK, but most prominently it is their functionalities, advantages and flexibility. We discuss in more detail below…

Fully Scalable –

Gone are the days of traditional analogue CCTV systems where you were limited to the number of cameras you could hold on one DVR (Digital Video Recorder). IP systems are now able to evolve and grow alongside their retail environment. A store that may currently operate with 20 cameras may need to increase the number of cameras on the premises to 70 over the coming years. Good IP CCTV systems are able to accommodate this growth, meaning that your IP CCTV system can grow with your business. IP CCTV systems can hold lots of cameras on any on given network, meaning the solution is fully futureproof.

High Resolution –

IP (HD) CCTV cameras can have a resolution that is up to several times better than that of traditional analogue CCTV. Infact, with the rise of UHD (Ultra High Definition) cameras in 2015, resolution can be up to 4 times greater in clarity than that of an IP (HD) camera. IP cameras transmit video over an IP (internet) network, unlike analogue systems where old dated coaxial cables were used. Using an IP network means the picture is not just clearer and more detailed (always helpful in investigations) but can be viewed from anywhere in the world without losing resolution quality.

Easy Transition –

Organisations can easily upgrade their existing analogue system, to an intelligent IP CCTV system. Analogue systems can easily be built on to and converted into an IP system. The existing CCTV component can be reconfigured or replaced to operate as a hybrid CCTV system, which incorporates both HD and analogue CCTV cameras. It is then easy in the future for the retailer to update old analogue cameras as and when they require.

Integration Capabilities –

IP networks allow retailers to operate different systems all on one platform; CCTV, Fire, Access Control and Intruder can now all be managed from one place. IP CCTV systems can also include analytics and metric programs like people counting and heat mapping. These provide valuable shopping-pattern behaviour data, allowing your video system to serve for more than just loss prevention and crime detection.

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