What else can I use my access control ID card for?

With many old school processes now successfully being automated through the innovative use of technology, we’re always looking for ways to streamline our work life. Have you ever considered the multiple uses of the access control ID card? That little piece of plastic can do a lot more than you think…

Door Access – Many of us now use an access control ID card or some form of security token to access our work place. These days, an access control ID card can be designed in any way shape or form and can include almost anything. Using the right access control system alongside your ID card means that you will be able to fully program and control who has access to what part of your building and when. Using ID cards alongside and access control solution is the best way to ensure you keep unauthorised personnel at bay and have full control of your security.

Car Park Barriers – Organisations with premises in public areas will constantly suffer the headaches of unauthorised people parking in their car parks. Without an ID card with sufficient access rights to access the car park, no longer will this be a problem. The access control ID card will restrict access or grant access to those only with the correct credentials.

Lift Access – Not everyone in your organisation needs access to the lift. Depending on the type of access control software installed, you can program your access control ID cards to only grant access to those who need the lift most, You could even use it as a chance to promote a healthier way of working – encourage employees to take the stairs.

Print Release – Did you know that an access control ID card can be used as part of a print management solution? We are increasingly seeing organisations wanting to use one ID card to control everything in their organisation. With the right integrator you can use your multifunctional ID card to swipe at the printer and release your print job: no more confidential papers left lying around.

Cashless vending – You can use your access control ID card to pay for lunch, buy stationary, books or indeed for anything you sell on site. Although cashless vending is mainly prominent in educational environments and hospital, bigger commercial premises can also benefit from this intelligent software to streamline many internal processes and systems.

WTD (working time directive) – When ID cards are used for access control, depending on the type of access control software used; there are many reporting functionalities available. Many customers use their access control system to assist with W.T.D and time sheets. Easily run off reports on who swiped their ID card to enter the building between a certain time to help with punctuality, attendance and payroll matters and of course, speed up work processes.

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