CCTV is becoming more than just security…

These days we want to invest our budgets in a solution that can streamline as many work processes as possible, to ultimately give us a greater return on our investment. An article from “Security Systems News” recently highlighted that “68% of customers want to use security cameras for operational improvement”.

The report found that the two top areas for expanding camera use were “improving sales or customer service,” 51 percent, and “managing general employee productivity,” 44 percent. Other reasons were “analysing customer behaviour/patterns, 32 percent; “reducing injury risk,” 30 percent; and “get compliance with the process or work hours,” 17 percent.

The number of respondents who said that after their next upgrade they planned to use their video surveillance systems for business operations improvement was more than twice the number who planned to continue using their systems only for protection, according to the report.

So how can you use a CCTV system to improve customer service?

The growth in IP networks (the internet) has made way for a range of intelligent software solutions that can be used alongside your commercial CCTV system. Using intelligent CCTV video analytic software you can programme the software to notify you when there are a number of customers congregated in one area where they may be waiting for a shoe size or product. The software can also identify that the queue for the till has exceeded a certain amount and that customers have been waiting over a certain amount of time. With this type of solution, you can instantly understand where customer service is required, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately sales. Automatic alerts can be sent to notify staff that standard customer wait time has been exceeded.

How can CCTV systems help analyse customer behaviours and patterns?

CCTV analytic software can clearly identify the numbers of customers entering your store within any time period. The software also offers capabilities for you to be able to indicate “target areas” within the store that you are trying to draw your customers towards. The software uses heat mapping so you can understand the most popular route that customers take around your store, which promotions they are drawn to and the areas customers spend the most dwell time and how long they were in that area for. The software can also give you direct access to the footage that occurred during a particular dwell time so you can understand the customer’s behaviour.

These are just a few of the options available within an intelligent video analytic system. If you would like to find out more about the CCTV Systems and software we can offer your organisation, contact us here or call us direct on 08442 084422 where we will be happy to discuss your needs.

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