ISO 9001: Time to prepare for changes in NSI gold accreditation…

As it goes, no matter the industry, we all understand the importance of industry standards and accreditations to our businesses.

At Clarion, we take great pride in our NSI Gold accreditation and believe this helps sets us apart from our competitors. The accreditation gives our customers great peace of mind when opting for an installer, knowing our services and procedures will serve their investment well. So what does being NSI Gold accredited really mean?

“Third party certification provides reassurance to your existing and potential customers that you are a reputable and trusted contractor that has been independently verified as meeting industry standards.

Trusting your certification requirements to NSI provides you with a recognised approval that enables your business to gain and retain valued clients.”

Currently preparing for ISO 9001:2015 changes against NSI Gold…

Towards the end of 2015 the BSI group will be rolling out new standards under ISO 9001, which will affect those who are NSI Gold certified. The new standards will bring a new thinking to the way a Quality Management System should work.

The primary changes will revolve around the High Level Structure, providing a framework for all management systems in operation. Due to changing market expectations, Clarion will adopt an integrated management approach, thus linking and aligning our management systems.

The new ISO 9001 compromises of a number of different factors –

  • The focus on risk management
  • Emphasis on objectives measurement and change
  • Communication and awareness

Due to our commitment to NSI Gold accreditation and ISO 9001, we are currently in the midst of preparing for these new changes to ensure that we still maintain our accreditation following the new standards. We have been NSI Gold accredited installers for many years and are dedicated to maintaining this recognition.

Richard is Clarion's marketing executive and has over 15 years of experience in marketing for local, national and international brands. Please feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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