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Leaving A Trustpilot Review

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Leaving A Google My Business Review (If You Have A Gmail Email).

Step 1 – Please click on (You may need to log into Google with your Gmail email address to do this – if you do not have a Gmail, please see “Leaving A Google My Business Review (If You Do Not Have A Gmail Email)” below. You will then be sent to the next page, where you may rate the item on a scale of one to five stars, write a review, and upload images. When you’re finished, click “Post” to submit your review.

Leaving A Google My Business Review (If You Do Not Have A Gmail Email)

Step 1- Please click on – then click on “Sign In”

Step 2 – Click on create an account (option – for my personal use)

Step 3 – Add in your information and for your email click on “Use my current email address instead.” Type in your email address.

Step 4 – Add in the rest of your information

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