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Business Access Control In Bury Since 1996

Here at Clarion, we have built a reputation for designing. installing and maintaining bespoke access control systems for a mix of commercial, educational and public sector clients in Bury and across the North-West.

We are able to find you a solution regardless of whether you have one door or 300 installed. Our systems are intended to grow as and when you require them, depending on your needs and budget.

We work in a wide range of public service, commercial and industrial sectors, a small list is below:

  • School Access Control Bury
  • College Access Control Bury
  • Retail Access Control Bury
  • Hospital Access Control Bury
  • Warehouse Access Control Bury
  • Factory Access Control Bury
  • Business Access Control Bury
  • Office Access Control Bury
  • Gym Access Control Bury
  • Restaurant Access Control Bury
  • Vacant Building Access Control Bury
  • Nursery Access Control Bury
  • Care Home Access Control Bury

Reasons Your Premises Needs Access Control

Protect your visitors, staff or pupils – Ensuring the safety of everyone on your premises is of paramount importance. An access control system will allow only those carrying verified credentials access throughout your building. If they don’t have them then they will not be able to move through your facility.

Auditing and Reporting – When people enter your building, where they go, and when they exit, an access control system can keep track of it. This is perfect for administrative and attendance tasks, as it vastly simplifies the entire process.

Departmental-based ID cards – You may not want marketing to access an HR office where confidential data is kept. You can use an access control system to restrict access to persons who do not need to enter a specific area.

Reduce key use – The cost of replacing lost keys and installing new locks can quickly pile up. If a card or fob is misplaced, you may easily cancel it and reissue a new one with an access control system. This significantly minimises costs while also ensuring your access remains secure.

Why Clarion? 

We have been ensuring that clients’ people, processes, and assets are safe since 1996. You don’t last that long unless you constantly ensure that customers are happy with what you provide, and that is what we look to do every day.

We also undergo strenuous external audits on a yearly basis and have several coveted accreditations, take a look at them here

How we’ve helped other businesses with Bury Access Control.

We recently helped secure a warehouse in Bury with high-end access control that has helped them ensure that only authorised personnel are able to access the building and has also helped them streamline attendance tracking for the admin department.

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