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A request was made to Clarion to design a system that would assist with teacher training and evaluation. Following a free consultation meeting, we set about designing a totally bespoke system that met the client’s requirements exactly.

The requirements were as follows: An assessor would sit in a location within the school (this could actually be anywhere in the world, but in this case was the Vice Principal’s office). From this location, he/she must be able to view and listen to a specific classroom in high definition (HD) and, when needed, speak back to the classroom to pass on instructions just to the teacher.

The audio and video had to be in real-time and lip-synced so that they could be analysed at a later date if required. All recorded sessions/footage must be able to be kept for up to a year and capable of being saved as a Windows AVI file so that it could be shared across the school’s network and played back on a standard PC.

The final (and most important) requirement was that the teacher within each classroom had to be in total control of the system and initiate the session to prevent just anyone from connecting and viewing what the students/teacher was doing. This was achieved using a digital PIN pad with an indicator that shows when the system is being used.


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