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School Access Control

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School Access Control Systems

A school access control system is a fundamental part of a school security system and allows the safe control of movement around a school site and buildings. 

Controlling and managing access to the school, and around it, can minimise many of the threats mentioned above such as thefts, burglaries, vandalism, break-ins and other crimes.

A school access control system can also be used to secure the perimeter of the school, along with offices, classrooms and server rooms. 

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Gaining access to these controlled spaces can be managed by authentication methods such as keypads, fobs biometrics or smart cards. The chosen method of authentication depends on what works best for the individual school, although fobs and smart cards tend to be the simplest form of authentication.

Smart cards can be used on the main entry points of the school and they can be quickly distributed amongst users, giving individuals specific access to areas that they need to be able to enter.

Smart cards for visitors can also be handed out which again gives a visitor access to specific areas. These can be cancelled quickly or given access for a specified period of time. 

There are many benefits when it comes to school access control systems, some of the top ones are listed below:

  • Initiating a full school lockdown with the press of a button in the case of an emergency
  • Gives you the ability to produce reports to see where people have been on your school grounds, as well as seeing unauthorised access attempts.
  • Integration with other security systems to give you the ability to time stamp events in order to find events quickly
  • Provides you with valuable information that can be used when it comes to investigating unwanted behaviour inside school grounds.

Look Out For The NSI Gold hallmark

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If you are looking for a partner to advise and provide an access control solution for your premises it is vital that you look for a company that is NSI Gold accredited. Clarion has been NSI Gold accredited since 2006.

It is the most widely recognised accreditation in the security systems industry, and it tells you that the company is:

Technically Competent

NSI Gold accredited companies have relevant technical experience and work to International and British Standards and NSI Codes of Practice.


Operate a Quality Management System to ISO 9001 and NSI Quality Schedules.


Reputable Directors & leaders with relevant business experience and effective employee security screening.

Access Control For Schools

With security threats on the rise, all education establishments should be considering the deployment of an intelligent Access Control solution. There is an array of benefits that Access Control can bring to your school environment, which we discuss in more detail below.

Benefits of Access Control for schools

Meet Ofsted Guidelines

Ofsted guidelines state that all schools should provide a safer environment for children as best practice. Guidelines say that all schools should give high priority to getting their safeguarding procedures right, including securing the perimeter of the school to ensure that it isn’t open for anyone to enter.

An Access Control solution ensures unauthorised access is never granted to those without the correct access rights/ID token. This can also assist with perimeter security as an access control solution can add an extra layer of security to your site.

Restrict and limit access

One of the most concerning factors schools and education establishments face without an Access Control system, is that you do not know who is onsite and who may be freely accessing areas and putting your students/staff/assets at risk.

With the use of an intelligent access control solution, you can take full control over who has access and when. No Access Control ID card; no entry. It’s as simple as that. With the features available on an Access Control System, you can easily use the software to work alongside your bespoke needs.

Know who is on your premises and when

With user-friendly interfaces and easy to use navigation, Access Control systems allow you to quickly tap into them to view who is on your site and where they have been at any given time.

The functionality can provide you with a full audit trail breakdown by area, person or department and many other filtering options.

Reporting capabilities

The reporting capabilities that an Access Control system can offer help assist with attendance and punctuality.

Easily run and print off reports to show who has used their access control ID card where and when. Run reports that can show all students/staff that entered the building after 9 am for example.

Safety and security

Maintaining the safety and security of pupils, staff and visitors is crucial for any school, college or university.

An access control solution allows you to programme the system to lock down doors in any situation, with the option for you to deny access to prohibited areas at all times whilst allowing staff and pupils to feel safer in their learning/teaching environment.


Easily integrate an access control system with many of your existing in house systems. Integrate with cashless vending, CCTV, print management, Intruder alarms and even lifts.

The integration capabilities of an Access Control system are almost endless and can be tailored to your bespoke integration needs.

Flexible finance options

We understand that financial security is just as important as the systems that protect your premises.

That’s why we offer a range of leasing options on your security equipment, helping to protect your cash flow as well as your site.

So what are the key reasons for implementing an Access Control solution at your school?

  • Prevent unauthorised access to the premises and deter intruders
  • Keep the safety and security of pupils, staff and assets to the highest standard possible
  • Help keep the theft and vandalism of equipment low
  • Reporting functionality
  • A safe teaching environment for all

Clarion Security Systems have been specialising in the design, installation and maintenance of Access Control systems across the UK for over 20 years. Clarion’s technical expertise in systems integration means we can create a streamlined, secure environment for all of our customers, using the most intelligent technology on the market.

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