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Set in the heart of Liverpool’s Central Business District, the refurbished Exchange Station is an exciting new 193,000 sq ft office destination. The former Victoria railway station has been transformed into prestigious offices to incorporate all the technology, security, sustainability and design requirements businesses need.

Our client, a large international commercial property managing agent, needed to provide a solution for the control of visitors onto the site and offer a reporting facility to the site team. The client’s remit was to design a system that would manage and track visitors and staff on the premises, providing important footfall data on request. The solution was designed in order to comply with four major criteria for the facility;

  1. Maintain an open-door feeling to the building;
  2. Keep in line with the aesthetics of the development;
  3. Maintain security and manage access to restricted areas; and
  4. Provide a reporting tool for the management team.

This project included the installation of a new high-end turnstile system, comprising 6 lanes of Fastlane Plus turnstiles paired in 3 sets. The turnstiles had to be mounted on a surface that required specialist drilling.  Clarion took this on in-house and achieved a quality installation. Each of the 3 turnstile sets are fully integrated with the Kantech access control system securing circa 50 doors.

The system grants entry to valid ID cardholders who are issued with a visitor pass from the new reception. Forced entry or an attempt of tailgating automatically triggers an alarm notifying the local security guard, whilst authorised transactions are logged and automatically form part of the management reports.

Upon exit, the visitor’s card is captured by the turnstile reader allowing exit whilst retaining the value of the card. In accordance with safety regulations, the system is integrated directly with the fire alarm and will release in the event of its activation.

Weekly reports can now be issued to building managers which automatically notifies them of usage, giving a more professional approach to visitor control. All aspects of the security package for this project were provided by Clarion.


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