Security System Installation


Customers’ daily activities are not to be disturbed and we will do our utmost to comply with the environment we are working in.

Typical Premises

Clarion has earned its reputation thanks to system integration and high-end installations at critical sites. However, we also look after mainstream installations such as commercial premises (offices or warehouses), public sector (schools or hospitals), and various managed sites (multi-tenanted office accommodation, business parks or housing associations).

Typical Installations

Clarion will look after the installation of a completely new security infrastructure from cabling and minor civil works to the supply and programming of the control equipment and/or network computer. Similarly, we will carry out upgrades on existing systems where clients no longer have a supplier. System takeovers follow a very similar procedure but usually call for a full and thorough system inspection, especially if the system was not certificated or maintained.

Typical Product Lines

We will always aim at installing quality branded products. As an independent installer, we will however research the market and keep abreast of new technologies to ensure that our customers benefit from the fast progress of the industry which often can mean a price reduction. Also, future expansion is given full consideration and we ensure where possible that we can adopt a system to the growing requirements of our clients.

Pre-Installation Process

A handover meeting will take place to transfer the information from our surveyor to the installation manager. Depending on the size of the project, a project plan or a simpler works program will be created by our engineering manager and communicated to the lead engineer responsible for the delivery of the system. Health and safety documentation will be raised. Our administration staff will contact the client and agree on a mutually convenient start date which is then logged onto our central works planner. At this point, the stock is being arranged by our purchasing department to be delivered to our office for pre-shipping inspection.

On Site

In an industry generally beset by a poor reputation for customer care, Clarion ensures that their engineers will always:

  1. behave courteously
  2. aim to work around the client’s day to day activities
  3. follow health and safety procedures on site
  4. liaise with the client at least daily
  5. leave a clean work area at the end of the day
  6. get it right the first time
  7. work to deadline


Our engineers pride themselves on delivering neat installations. Where possible cables will be concealed, control equipment will be racked, all wires will be identifiable, devices will be positioned where most efficient without becoming an eyesore.


A full asset register will be produced by the lead engineer and all main pieces of equipment will be labeled, thus helping with tracking the warranty date. A checklist system is in place to ensure all aspects are verified by the lead engineer before releasing the system to the client.


A Clarion certificate will be signed by the lead engineer and the client to signify that the system has been delivered as per the proposal and is functioning correctly.


Upon completion of an installation, our engineers provide clients with full training to ensure effective and trouble-free operation. This is tailored to the people present at handover, who may be administrators of the system, key holders, or simple users.


Our wide range of accreditations shows our ability to consistently meet regulations and guidelines, ensuring that our work is always of the highest recognised standards.

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