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Here at Clarion, we want you to feel comfortable leaving your business at the end of the day, knowing that it’ll be fully protected while you’re gone. If you need to upgrade, replace, or update your security systems – Clarion is the only name you should think of. 

We provide knowledgeable and reliable security systems, as well as customer support and advice for any of our customers. We are one of the top CCTV installers in Liverpool and the surrounding area and every single member of our team is dedicated to protecting your business. 

We will tailor our service to suit your needs exactly, and we’ll work closely with you to ensure your requirements are fully met. If you’re in Liverpool and are in need of a CCTV company, look no further. 

Flexible finance options

We understand that financial security is just as important as the systems that protect your premises.

That’s why we offer a range of financial payment options on your security equipment, helping to protect your cash flow as well as your site.

We work in a wide range of public service, commercial and industrial sectors, a small list is below:

  • School CCTV Liverpool
  • College CCTV Liverpool
  • Retail CCTV Liverpool
  • Hospital CCTV Liverpool
  • Warehouse CCTV Liverpool
  • Factory CCTV Liverpool
  • Business CCTV Liverpool
  • Office CCTV Liverpool
  • Gym CCTV Liverpool
  • Restaurant CCTV Liverpool
  • Vacant Building CCTV Liverpool
  • Nursery CCTV Liverpool
  • Care Home CCTV Liverpool

Liverpool CCTV Systems

In Merseyside, just north of Wales, lies one of the UK’s largest cities – Liverpool. The country’s fifth-largest city, with a population of 2.24 million as of 2019. The industrial revolution saw the city grow exponentially, thanks to its port and proximity to the Irish Sea. Liverpool’s port was a major departure point for people emigrating to North America. It was also home to the White Star and Cunard Lines – two of the most popular lines of the day. 

Liverpool’s excellent location and access to the rest of the world make it a hugely popular tourist destination, ranking fifth on the list of the most visited UK cities. It’s a widely diverse city, known for its culture, music, and architecture. Musicians from Liverpool have produced 56 No.1 singles—more than any other city in the world! You’ve probably heard of at least one of these musicians-The Beatles.

Over the last 30 years, Liverpool’s economy has steadily grown, as has the employment levels. The main source of income for the city lies in education, health, finance, and insurance. However, the city also has a steady stream of tourism, with tourists bringing in £1.3 billion each year. 

Since the construction of Liverpool ONE, business has boomed in Liverpool. This one-stop shop for retail, residential, and leisure has boosted Liverpool into the top five most popular retail destinations in the country. Although this means there is plenty to do in the city, it also means there are lots of opportunities for businesses to be targeted by burglars, vandals, and other people with unlawful intentions. 

Liverpool has the 21st highest crime rate in the country, one of the lowest in the North West. But its crime rate is still higher than the country’s average. Unfortunately, due to the vast number of retailers, businesses, and office spaces, there is a lot of opportunity for crime. 

How Many CCTV Cameras are In Liverpool?

The population of Liverpool is estimated to be 505,442 in 2022. Based on our estimation of 1 CCTV camera for every 10 residents, this would give you a figure of 50,544 CCTV cameras in Liverpool.

What our Liverpool CCTV systems can do for you 

Clarion understands the specific and unique needs of businesses in Liverpool. We know that it’s crucial for you to protect your databases and specific areas of your workplace. That’s why we offer access control systems in order to protect the more sensitive aspects of your business. Our access control systems offer the highest security, allowing employees to move around the site – but only going where they’re authorised. Our access control system protects stock, data, and personal possessions belonging to your employees. 

We also offer CCTV systems, which are one of the most powerful ways to protect your business and your employees. Our HD CCTV systems aren’t complicated, meaning you’ll feel comfortable using them – although we will continue to offer our support throughout your time. Because we use HD systems, you will be provided with crystal clear images of your site. These business systems will send the recordings directly to a secure database, meaning you can monitor and review specific times and places, at your leisure. The footage is also able to be accessed remotely, perfect for these days when we’re working at home more than before. 

Intruder alarms are also one of our most popular services. Intruders threatening to break in, damage, and steal from your business are a real risk, but having an intruder alarm will not only alert you if anyone does try to break in but will also act as a deterrent. We offer single-door contact, to multi-zone alarms and all of these are installed to the highest possible standard. 

We also offer intercom systems for businesses and visitor management systems which will ensure that you can manage exactly who is coming and going on your site, as well as letting relevant people know what’s going on in other areas of the site. 

Benefits Of Installing CCTV In Liverpool

  • Helps to create a safer environment for employees, visitors, premises and property
  • Acts as a stern deterrent to would-be criminals
  • Greatly improves building control and management processes
  • Can assist with emergency and accident management
  • Can be integrated with new or existing building systems and processes

Why Clarion? 

Clarion is accredited by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), which means we meet the highest standard recognised in the industry. We are also a Contractor Plus approved company, demonstrating our commitment to health and safety for both our employees and our clients. 

We’re also passionate about making our service as green as possible, which is why we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint – without compromising on our fantastic service. And we’ve been around since 1996 – with over 25 years of experience, everyone on our team knows what they’re doing, and they’re all incredibly passionate about security. 

How we’ve helped other businesses with Liverpool CCTV systems

If you’re in doubt about why you should choose Clarion, read on to see how we’ve already helped businesses just like yours. 

In 2013, we worked with a large international commercial property managing agent, who needed to control visitors to the site. We worked closely with the client and found out that they wanted a system that would manage and track all visitors and staff on the site, providing a snapshot of footfall at a glance. 

Our solution was to personally install turnstiles to control the people coming and going, and integrated with the Kantech access control system which secured up to 50 doors. Entry is only granted to valid ID holders, which staff have and visitors are provided at reception. 

Any forced entry triggers an alarm and the nearest security guard, while all authorised entries are logged on a central database – showing a quick view of who is and isn’t on site. The turnstiles are released in the event of a fire alarm, so you know that all of your staff and visitors can exit the building safely. 

We believe this is a perfect example of what we can do for your business in Liverpool – simple, effective, and secure. For any Liverpool CCTV needs, look no further – we’ve got you covered. 

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