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Gallagher Systems

Gallagher System solutions are designed for enterprise access control systems and deliver enhanced security, data encryption, and access management through their Control Centre software, mobile application, and integration.

Clarion MD, Chris Billinge, went on to say, “We are incredibly happy to be awarded the Best New Channel Partner from Gallagher. The partnership we have is one built on providing the best bespoke solutions based on the needs of each customer. We are looking forward to building upon this collaboration in the years to come and have some fantastic projects coming up, of which Gallagher will be an integral part. As a Gallagher Certified Channel Partner, we are able to meet the access management needs of a range of customers from education bodies, multi-site organisations, and corporate enterprises, through to multi-tenanted buildings and large national infrastructure facilities.”

“We continue to be impressed with the performance and reliability of the Gallagher systems we have installed over the years. We look forward to integrating Gallagher Systems solutions in the coming years and applaud their continuous innovation and outstanding customer support”.

Gallagher Access Control Partners

We are proud to partner with Gallagher Security as they offer award-winning access control solutions throughout the world via accredited partners.

Gallagher Command Centre software is the powerful software that is at the heart of its integrated solution, it is highly configurable and can be tailored to suit your exact needs and requirements when it comes to an access control system. Gallagher Command Centre also delivers reporting on all aspects of your system and configurable management, meaning that as changes occur your system will still work as expected.

If something occurs on-site then Gallagher Command Centre operators are notified in real-time, enabling a quick and appropriate response to any threats,

Gallagher Access Controllers

The Gallagher Controller 6000 (C6000) provides a powerful interface and sits between the hardware and the Gallagher Command Centre server, and is capable of communicating data, processing and storing data in real-time.

The Controller 6000 has the ability to communicate with other integrated systems, enforce business rules, monitor its environment and make offline decisions.

Gallagher Access Control Features

Clarion looks to partner with brands who deliver enhanced functionality and lower life cost ownership to our customers. Gallagher Access Control meets these standards that we expect and offers a range of systems based on a customer’s exacting needs. They also provide a flexible solution as your needs grow over time. The Gallagher Access control portfolio of software and hardware delivers cost-effective enterprise access control solutions.

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Our wide range of accreditations shows our ability to consistently meet regulations and guidelines, ensuring that our work is always of the highest recognised standards.

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