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Avigilon Security Cameras Manchester, North-West and across the UK since 1996

Clarion Security Systems is an approved partner and certified Avigilon camera system partner in Manchester, the North-West and across the UK. We have many years of expertise and experience in designing, installing and maintaining Avigilon CCTV.

Avigilon cameras are specified by customers who understand the value of the state of the art security systems and what protection they offer. As a high-end solution they can meet a range of bespoke needs and Clarion is proud to be an Avigilon partner who can offer you cutting-edge CCTV solutions.

Flexible finance options

We understand that financial security is just as important as the systems that protect your premises.

That’s why we offer a range of financial payment options on your security equipment, helping to protect your cash flow as well as your site.

Avigilon Partners UK

We have been designing and integrating high-end Aviligon solutions for many years and work closely with you in order to create bespoke solutions that fit your unique needs and requirements.

We work in a wide range of public service, commercial and industrial sectors, a small list is below:

Avigilon CCTV Company

Clarion Security Systems have been designing and integrating high-quality CCTV solutions for both the commercial and public sector market since 1996. We use only the best Avigilon security cameras on the market to ensure all of our customers get the possible ROI, with long-lasting solutions.

As a leading Avigilon partner, we work closely with all of our customers to provide an in-depth analysis of your current solution through our detailed site surveys. We’ll analyse your current CCTV system and develop detailed plans and proposals to either update this, replace older cameras or phase in a new Avigilon CCTV system that will offer you upgraded capabilities for years to come. We always work with your budgets in mind as well as your bespoke security and business needs. Our experts will also look to design a system that will address the security vulnerabilities, identified in your site survey.

All of our work is conducted in compliance with all applicable industry standards and legislation, to ensure the health and safety of your employees, students, visitors, and members of the public at all times. Our skilled project and technical teams will install your Avigilon security cameras to the highest standards and in line with all manufacturer’s recommendations, to ensure you get the best possible solution and ROI.

To ensure your Avigilon CCTV security solution continues to deliver the performance required to keep your people, premises, and property safe, we offer a high standard of maintenance and support services backed by the SLA (Service Level Agreement) appropriate to your organisation. Our close, long-standing relationship with Avigilon means we have access to the right channels to escalate issues and resolve issues quickly.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Avigilon CCTV Cameras

If you’re looking for a CCTV solution for your business, look no further than Avigilon Security Cameras.

Avigilon is one of our recommended choices when it comes to customers in the commercial sector looking for a sophisticated and customisable solution. 

We have recommended and installed Avigilon CCTV camera systems across a broad range of premises, from schools, offices and shopping centres to car parks, factories and warehouses. 

Below you will find reasons why Avigilon CCTV cameras are the ideal solution for your requirements.

It offers a future-proof investment

As a high-end system, Aviligon CCTV cameras have a fantastic lifespan when properly maintained. They also offer exceptional high-definition video quality when a primary need is to be able to see crisp and clear footage, Avigilon CCTV cameras do not have many competitors. 

It is worthwhile investing in a security system that offers high-definition video playback, as when you need the footage after a break-in or criminal incident, high-quality footage can help provide the evidence required to identify the culprit. Many premises look at low-cost solutions. However, this results in a false economy as the footage provided by these solutions is often not clear enough to be of any use.

An Avigilon CCTV system is also scalable so as your security requirements increase, so too can your Avigilon CCTV cameras, adding in new cameras is easily done, and here at Clarion, we have many clients who routinely add to their system as their requirements and budgets increase.

Advanced Search Function

Avigilon technology is very advanced. It has a fantastic search capability which allows you to quickly find what you are looking for when it comes to viewing footage. If there is a live incident taking place this is ideal in order to alert individuals or the emergency services if required.

It Offers Multi-Dimensional Views

The Avigilon Multisensor camera range feature three or four individually-adjustable camera sensors that can be positioned to monitor a wide area. 

Avigilon CCTV Cameras are incredibly smart

The AI function within Avigilon cameras can be trained to detect unusual events and motion. Cameras are becoming more intelligent and can learn movements, and detect what is normal and what is not so normal. If it does not recognise a number plate it can send a signal, if this is set up, to enable human investigation. This is part of Aviligons Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology and Self-Learning Video Analytics.

Avigilon is GDPR compliant

All actions performed by a user are logged with tiered access and password protection. It can also remove data after a specific period of time so that you are not holding any personal information longer than the law dictates. 

Avigilon History

Avigilon was founded by Alexander Fernandes in 2004 in Canada. It is now owned by Motorola Solutions after a buyout in March 2018. It is still headquartered in Canada. They specialise in the design, development and manufacture of video analytics, advanced AI, network video management software and hardware, surveillance cameras and access control products.

Avigilon products are made in North America in two manufacturing facilities:

  • Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
  • Richardson, Texas, USA

They have been installed in over 120 countries and currently have 1,500 resellers across the globe.

Avigilon announced its first high-definition surveillance system in 2006 and began selling products in December 2007. The system included high-definition network video recording software and an 11-megapixel camera. Over time, Avigilon has expanded its product offering to include a wide range of high-definition cameras ranging from 1 megapixel to 30 megapixels (7K) resolution, and a variety of camera formats, such as fixed, bullet, and dome.

Using Avigilon CCTV, we provide world-class security solutions.

Clarion has the knowledge and experience to provide world-class Avigilon CCTV solutions to commercial and public sector clients of any size.

We prepare extensive plans, risk assessments, and proposals for all projects in order to comprehend your requirements, your premises, and any hazards involved, all while knowing the project’s installation phase. Our expert installation and technical team will install your Avigilon system according to the manufacturer’s instructions. While adhering to all applicable regulations, health and safety guidelines, risk and method statements, and risk and method statements to ensure the project’s seamless installation and the safety of your employees, visitors, members of the public, and our engineers.

We offer a high grade of support and maintenance, supported by service level agreements depending on your needs and requirements, to guarantee your Aviglon CCTV security solution continues to secure your people, processes, and assets.

We offer maintenance and support services guaranteed by the SLA (Service Level Agreement) relevant to your organisation to ensure your Avigilon CCTV security solution continues to deliver the performance required to keep your employees, facilities, and property secure. Our long-standing connection with Avigilon guarantees that we have access to the appropriate channels to resolve concerns swiftly and effectively.

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