Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems

Perimeter Intruder Detection

Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems in Manchester, the North-West and across the UK since 1996.

perimeter intruder detection systems

A perimeter intruder detection system (PIDS) is the first line of defence against attempted site intrusions. The system’s purpose is to deter, detect, delay, and deny intruders.

There are various types of PIDS sensors available depending on the risks your site faces.

Our systems are able to detect noise and vibrations, as well as when an intruder crosses an infrared beam. More detection methods are listed below:

  • Active IR
  • Break-wire
  • Electrostatic field
  • Fence detection (typically a microphonic cable or accelerometer mounted on the fence)
  • Ground motion
  • Magnetic
  • Microwave detectors
  • Near-IR beam break
  • Passive IR
  • Ported coaxial cable
  • Seismic

Perimeter Alarms and Intruder Detection Systems

Although fences provide a strong deterrent to intruders, they can usually be scaled easily or even cut through. Adding a perimeter intruder alarm system to a fence will allow you to monitor movement for the early detection of intruders.

How Do Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems Work?

The sensors in a perimeter intruder section system deter, detect, delay, and deny intruders.

Various types of PIDS are available, however, we have partnered with Gallagher Security as they provide world-leading Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems.

The sensors in PIDS are available to cater for different types of risks and applications. Some can identify noise and vibrations, and others can signal an alarm if a beam is crossed, and then alert security personnel of an instruction.

This, combined with the physical barrier of a fence, provides an appropriate initial line of defence against attempted incursion. The system can also be linked with CCTV systems and access control systems to create a full security solution for your business. A CCTV camera may be set to target the site of the intrusion, and your access control system could be placed on temporary lockdown until the threat is discovered.

Your perimeter intruder detection system can be as overt or discreet as required, making it suitable for a wide range of premises, including:

  • Government facilities
  • Chemical plants
  • Data Centres
  • High value warehouses
  • Power plants
  • Airports
  • industrial complexes
  • Prisons & Secure hospitals

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