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Our electronic visitor management systems provide a simple and effective way to register, badge, track and manage your facility’s visitor traffic.

Visitor Management Systems UK

Our intelligent electronic visitor management systems are easy-to-use and highly efficient ways to manage people and their site attendance information accurately and securely.

You can register on arrival or pre-register your visitors’ details from your desktop, storing records in the system’s database and enabling the recall of records at any time to create identification passes. The system handles the entire process from visitor data entry through to printing branded badges.

It is configurable to meet your individual requirements and corporate identity. It incorporates facilities for creating barcodes and photographs for additional security as well as generating site maps and health & safety information.

What is a visitor management system?

A visitor management system ensures that your visitor sign-in process is efficient, consistent and accurate by keeping track of people entering and exiting your premises throughout the day. 

A visitor management system can be used in many situations, from people coming to your offices for a business meeting to students coming into school late and signing in. The situations where the system can be used are numerous.

How does visitor management work?

Modern visitor management systems use a digital component where a visitor must sign in on a computer or tablet, which is contacted to on-site hardware or a cloud base system, which then logs in the user and provides a visitor pass (once any additional checks are completed). 

Gone are the days when pen-and-paper was used as a visitor management system, that solution was open to too many errors, such as poor handwriting and no potential tracking of users around your premises.

With electronic visitor management systems you can easily track people around your premises with visitor badges, and also track DBS checks, and expiry dates, if you operate a school or college.

Why is visitor management important?

You need to know who is visiting your premises, where they are going and if they are authorised to be there. It’s vital that modern-day organisations are able to control who’s coming onto their premises. 

If there is a fire a visitor management system is able to tell you who is in the building, couple this with an access control system, and then you know the exact whereabouts of everyone.

Whilst safety and efficiency are important considerations, the perception of visitors is also a factor when choosing to utilise a visitor management system.

Walking into two receptions, one with a sleek modern visitor management system and the other with a paper and pen, it’s easy to understand which would be the best in terms of perception.

It also frees up staff from logging people in and data entry, to be able to offer a friendly meet and greet and focus on other essential tasks.

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Benefits of Visitor Management Systems

A great initial impression

From the time they walk into your reception area, a visitor management system makes a terrific first impression.

Security and tracking of data

Easily track and update visitor data without cumbersome paperwork. Our visitor management systems have built-in safeguards to protect visitors’ privacy while also giving you complete control over the information collected throughout the sign-in process. All data is stored in the United Kingdom, and our solutions are GDPR compliant and ISO27001 certified.

Welcome video screens

Personalise your visitor screen to reflect your company’s colours and branding with ease.

It Reduces Admin

Reduce the number of physical documents you have to process and store by implementing safety notifications and privacy policies on your visitor management system.

Reduces Manual Processing 

You can eliminate manual tasks and save front-of-house costs by using a visitor management system, repurposing staff resources, or upgrade to a full meet-and-greet service.

Increasing your visitor’s experience 

A smooth sign-in process improves your visitors’ experience when they come to your location. You may also provide maps to the area where they may need to go, pre-register them to speed up the process, and establish multiple visitor workflows based on the type of visitor, such as employee, visitor, student, or contractor.

Increased compliance 

You can stay compliant by ensuring that an audit trail is kept and that health and safety procedures are followed. To further assist visitors, you can also supply them with safety videos, surveys, and questionnaires. A visitor management system can assist you with any regulatory requirements you have.

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How A Visitor Management System Can Help With Your Visitor Experience

A traditional visitor experience used to be just about when people entered your reception, in today’s world it refers to the experience that a visitor receives from the moment they enter to when they exit your premises.

A good visitor experience is where they had a positive experience, everything went smoothly and they were treated properly. A poor experience will mean they had a negative interaction with you, where processes may be broken, queue to enter areas and they were treated incorrectly.

Think of a potential customer, a parent visiting a school open day for their child to potentially attend or someone coming for a job interview, you want to give them a good experience so that they give you the business, apply for their child to attend or accept the job offer.

Minute things can make a good experience go bad, and a bad experience turn good.

A visitor management system can help make processes run smoother, and ensure that people have a positive interaction with your organisation.

The difference between these two experiences could lead to making or losing a sale, an employee, a business partner, or simply damaging your company’s brand.  

​A great visitor experience starts before your visitors arrive and continues after they checked in. You should support visitors with:

  • Providing all the details they need
  • Clear directions to your building/premises and any additional information they may need
  • A smooth check-in process and details of where to go next
  • Intuitive health and safety advice (Essential when Covid-19 was prevalent, and if anything like this was to return) 
  • A warm welcome from the reception, who offer friendly advice and directions to all visitors 

How to choose the best visitor management system

Think about your visitors

You need to start thinking like a visitor and understand the journey they are on. What works well and what needs improving, a great way is to ask visitors for ideas and suggestions of what they think needs improving.

Try To Look Less At Cost and More At Return On Investment

Although costs need to be kept in check, thinking more about the ROI is key when looking at visitor management systems. How much time will they free up for your staff? How much smoother will the sign-in process be? How much money could you save by not having visitors sign printed documents and do this all online?

Seamless experience

Look at a visitor management solution that provides everything that you require and gives everyone who uses it a seamless experience, and creates a fantastic visitor experience.

What Sectors do you work in?

We work across the North-West of England, and around the UK. You can view the sectors we work in here. In Manchester we offer:

  • School Visitor Management Manchester
  • College Visitor Management Manchester
  • Hospital Visitor Management Manchester
  • Warehouse Visitor Management Manchester
  • Factory Visitor Management Manchester
  • Business Visitor Management Manchester
  • Office Visitor Management Manchester
  • Gym Visitor Management Manchester
  • Care Home Visitor Management Manchester

View more locations where we work here.


The Sectors We Work In


  • Handle all aspects of visitors/contractors on site
  • Manage Induction dates and expiry, no induction, no entry.
  • Record the arrival and departure of visitors/contractors on site
  • Contractors can be barred
  • An ID pass can be printed in advance or at the time of the visitors arrival at site
  • Badge designs can be created within the software to match branding and corporate image
  • Provide real time LIVE data updates to show who is on site, NOW


  • Tracks company assets and deliveries
  • Protects visitor identity and confidential information
  • Enhances site Health & Safety awareness and induction processes
  • Eliminates abuse of visitor badges
  • Identifies and deters unwanted visitors
  • Strengthens corporate image
  • Efficiently manages contractors whilst onsite
  • Ensures all health & safety procedures are read and recognised upon arrival

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